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Opt-In Cell Phone Directories

Phone books have been in existence for nearly as long as the phone itself. Subsequently, for many people, it is a mystery as to why an in-depth and all inclusive cell phone directory has not been compiled.

Although the proposition of voluntary opt-in cell phone directories may seem like a great idea, there are actually many drawbacks to the concept that has kept it from ever coming to fruition. Beyond the fact that it would be impossible to convince all cell phone users that a mass directory would be a good idea, there are some specific illegalities surrounding the idea of a giant cell phone directory.

There are many pieces of fact and fiction floating around concerning the mobile phone directory debate. To clarify, let us look at some facts about this hot button topic.

Fact: There is little chance of a mass mobile phone directory being established.

Unfortunately, for proponents of the idea, the chances are slim for a cell phone directory to ever be compiled and distributed. Individual states have banned the concept, and the FCC is currently working on legislation that would declare the mobile directory illegal, once and for all.

As nice and convenient a big cellular phone book would be, there certainly would be many drawbacks. First, telemarketers would have easy access to your wireless number. That means that not only could these pests catch you when you are at home, but when you are at the store, school, work, church, and anywhere else you go.

In addition, cell phones are far more disposable then regular phones. Many have taken on a new number only to realize that the friends and family of its former owner will not stop calling. Since there are so many people on this planet, and a growing number of them are obtaining personal cell phones, this proposed directory would literally need to be updated on a weekly basis. Thus, even if you support the idea, it is not ultimately a very realistic concept.

Fact: There are safe opt-in cell phone directories available online.

If you are a fan of the opt-in directory concept, state legislators or the FCC cannot stop you from opting into one. Opt-in cell phone directories can provide users with access to a large database of extremely useful contact information.

Fact: Phone owner names can be found using a reverse cell phone directory.

If a person needs to find the identity of the owner of a cellular number, there are certain tools that are readily available and legal. A reverse phone directory allows people to type in cell phone numbers to discover who exactly owns the number. A reverse cell phone directory can be a useful tool for a wide variety of people, especially those who are receiving numerous calls from a persistent mystery caller!

Opt-in cell phone directories are not completely widespread and well known...yet. However, as you can see, there are options for savvy people who seek a specific cellular number.

Cell Phone Directory by Name

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