What if the true secrets of how to manifest your desires in life were yet to be revealed?


“Sensational Breakthrough Movement
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To Attract And Manifest Anything
You Want In Life, Like Magic!”


Long-Kept Secrets Never Before Explained
About How To Create The Life Of Your Dreams 
Finally Revealed In Startling Materials!



Nicholas P. Kidd and
Henk J.M. Schram


Dear Friend,

on’t be offended by what I’m about to ask you, because it’s a question that desperately needs attention. It’s for the sake of yourself and the world in general!

Are you ready? Then here it comes...

Who the hell are you?

Now there’s an ice-breaker!

I asked a good friend of mine this question a couple of days ago. “Well”, he said, “you know, I’m the garbage man. I take away the trash.”

The other day I asked another friend the same thing. “Why do you ask that?”, she replied. “You know I’m a stock broker.”

I broke stock, she might as well have added, to put some more emphasis on how empty her answer was…

But the winner was yet another person I had the honor to meet recently. I asked him the same thing, and he answered: I am Henry [last name left out for privacy reasons], Im the son of John [last name left out for privacy reasons], CEO of the [name left out for privacy reasons] Bank.

Gotta love him...

So, when you look in the mirror, what do you see?

  •   Do you see merely the role you play in life, such as the garbage man, the stock broker, or
      whatever you do, like my friends did?

  •   Do you see your job?

  •   Do you see the son or daughter of some apparently very important person?

  • Is that really who you are?

    Is that all?

    The truth is different altogether. You are far more than that.

    But theres only a handful of people who know the truth of who they really are...

    I have yet to encounter the person who answers:

    Oh hi, how nice of you to ask! Im a unique representation of all that exists, so nice to meet you! I became conscious infinity ago, and Ive been living a dream ever since. In fact, Im living my dream right now, and Im manifesting whatever I choose to believe to be true.

    That comes a whole lot closer.

    But since youre here anyway, why dont I tell you a bit more about yourself!

 What If Youve Been Stuck In
A 5-Sense Prison
All Along?


If youre like most people, youre stuck in a prison. However, youre not kept small and locked in a regular prison with bars, walls, balls and chains. Youre kept small by your own five senses!

I can hear your brain cracking already, so pay close attention as Ill explain this more...

Ever noticed how most people merely rely on their five senses, on what they can see, hear, smell, touch, or taste? If youre like most people, you probably think that thats all there is to life.

But heres the truth... Its quite obvious that theres much, much more to life when you face these absolute facts:



What you perceive with your 5 senses are frequencies.

  • Everyone knows that your eyes merely distinguish between different colors. Everyone who has been attending any physics classes in high school knows that different colors are just light with different wavelengths or frequencies.

  • The frequency of blue light is different than the frequency of red light. Your eyes pick up these frequencies and your brain decodes them into an image containing different colors of light. Thats how you see.

  • Likewise, different sounds have different frequencies. Your ears pick up the frequencies, and your brain decodes them into sounds. Thats how you hear.

  • Hungarian biophysicist and Nobel Prize winner Georg von B?k?sy demonstrated that your skin responds to frequencies as well, which are also decoded by your brain. Thats how your sense of touch works. 

And so it goes on for all your senses...

Stop for a minute, and let this all sink in... As you think about it, you probably realize that all reality as you perceive it may not be as solid or out there as you think, but is nothing more but frequencies decoded by your brain!

In a moment Ill tell you why this is so important. But first, let your thoughts focus upon some other blatant facts:



  • Your eyes cannot see infrared and ultraviolet light. But still, everyone knows that infrared and ultraviolet light do exist.

  • Your ears cannot hear ultrasound. But still, everyone knows that ultrasound does exist. Dogs can hear it. Its there.

Stop again, and take a moment to let yourself get in touch with this realization...

Now keep it in mind, and get ready to face another harsh reality that you just can’t go around:



  • It has been estimated by mainstream science that only 4% of the energy in the universe is visible to humans.

  • The rest is so-called dark matter and dark energy. Look it up if you dont believe it. Its true. And that 4% is a very generous estimate, considering the fact that the number of frequencies possible is nothing less than infinite!

These are absolute facts! And the longer you think about them, the more you realize that theres more to life than what you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell with your five senses.

Now I want you to think deeply about this and realize what this all means...

I want you to sit back and relax, and picture Planet Earth, all the different people, the animals, all the other life forms, and all the things going on in our world. I want you to picture the moon. I want you to picture the planets in our galaxy, all the thousands upon thousands of other galaxies, all the stars, and all the constellations.

Picture all these, and consider the vastness of the universe for just a minute...

Now realize that according to science, all this is nothing more (and probably less) than a mere 4% of all the energy in the universe. Considering all the things going on in that mere 4% of energy that we can see, and the fact that this is a very generous estimate...

Then realize what is really going on behind the scenes, in that (probably more than) 96% of energy that we humans cannot see! And what that can do to your life!


  • Are you beginning to see that there is much, much more to life than you can perceive with your five senses?

  • Are you beginning to realize that you may have been cutting yourself short by merely trusting your five senses?

  • And are you beginning to realize that youre capable of achieving much more than youve held possible for long, if only you could somehow interact with that vast 96% of invisible energy?!


Well quite right you are!

You may not fully realize this yet, but youre about to discover the master key to unlocking the door of your 5-sense prison, and unleashing the power that's been hidden inside of you for a very long time!

Are You Ready To Unlock Your 5-Sense
Prison Door And Start Creating A Life
Anything You Can Imagine,
Starting Right Now?!


I want you to read very carefully what I'm about to tell you. Because this information can set you free from struggle and can help you create the life youve always been dreaming about!

You may not know this yet, but behind the scenes of physical reality there are universal principles at work that guide the course of your life. These universal principles operate in the (more than) 96% of energy that we humans cannot perceive with our 5 senses.

Thats right. There are universal principles that transcend the physical reality that you can see, hear, smell, touch, or taste.

Regardless of your race, color, creed, sex, country you live in, current level of awareness, or anything whatsoever, these universal principles apply to you too. They work behind the scenes of human perception to pull the strings on what happens to you in life.

When youre not aware of these principles existing, life appears to be a chain of accidents, coincidences, bad luck, or at least events way out of your control. However, when you become aware of them and know how to push their buttons, life becomes something different altogether. And heres why...

These principles are predictable. This means that you can control them. However, its extremely important to realize that theyre not predictable in how they bring things in your life. Theyre only predictable in what they bring into your life. Its because of this predictability that some people call these principles Universal Laws.


Only By Knowing About AND Applying The Universal Laws Correctly Can You Create
The Life Of Your Dreams… And Even More!


Just like you cannot see infrared and ultraviolet light, or like you cannot hear ultrasound, you may not be able to see these laws at work.

But theyre still there. And you can learn to become aware of them, and then to pull the levers on them. In that way you can take the steering wheel on the course of your own life yourself! And you can do it starting today!

These laws pull the strings on your entire everyday life. The way you interact with them determines everything that happens to you. It determines what you get, and not least importantly, what you dont get. It determines the people you attract into your life, and the situations you experience day by day.

In simple terms, the way you interact with these hidden laws determines everything you do and do not manifest into your life at every instant.

Okay, now youre probably wondering how you can take control. How can you start creating the life youve always imagined? HOW?!

Well, if you paid attention, you noticed that once you become aware of these laws, you can start to pull the levers on them.

Thats right. Its you who pulls the levers on these Universal Laws. Its you who dictates what these Laws should bring you. Its you who decides what the Universe should bring you. But after that, its up to the Universe how to bring these things to you.

You just need to state clearly what you want, and then allow the things you desire to come to you, regardless of how they come to you. In that process, your job is merely to act on the opportunities that are brought into your life. In other words, your job is to just go with the flow and act when you can.


“There’s No Such Thing As ‘Bad Luck’!”


Youve probably noticed that most people merely complain. They blame it all on fate or bad luck that theyre not living the lives of their dreams.

But pay close attention to what I'm about to tell you...

Theres no such thing as bad luck, or luck in general for that matter.

Maybe your life appears to be off track. Or perhaps you feel like youre on a losing streak, and that luck is always reserved for people other than yourself. If one or more of these apply to you, then there can only be 3 reasons for this:


  • Youre completely unaware of the Universal Laws at work behind the scenes in directing your life.

  • Youre unaware of one or more of these Universal Laws, and you focus on just one of them, while consciously or unconsciously ignoring the importance of others.

    For example, many people focus merely on the Law of Attraction, while there are extremely important other principles to be taken into account if you want to make things work for you!

  • Youre working with one or more of these Universal Laws incorrectly.


Maybe you did know about these Universal Laws. Maybe you know just one or only some of them. But in spite of being aware of them, you still havent been able to create and manifest the results you want in life.

If that describes you, let me tell you what that means:

Knowing about one or some of the Universal Laws isnt enough. You must know exactly about how to apply these Universal Laws, and how to apply them in conjunction with each other!

Not knowing about these laws and the correct ways of applying them can cause some serious disruptions in your life. Instead of living your life on purpose, you seem to be running around at random, without a clear direction, and without any conscious control over whatever the hell is happening.

But if anything even a bit like what I just described applies to you, the tide is about to turn, my friend...

Because today you stumbled upon a unique, revolutionary opportunity to learn exactly how to take control over these Universal Laws and apply them to your advantage!


“New Groundbreaking Revolution Reveals Fascinating and Powerful Information That Allows You To Create All You Ever Wanted,
At Will!


Imagine that you had access to the knowledge that allows you to set yourself free from struggle and to create the life youve always been dreaming about.

Picture yourself applying this knowledge. Picture yourself using this information, and allowing yourself to live the life of your most amazing imaginations, where all your desires become reality. And as you drift along with these thoughts, arent you starting to feel better and better with yourself and your life already?!

Now as you experience these feelings of happiness and prosperity, realize that the opportunity thats about to manifest right in front of your eyes is truly an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity thats absolutely unique in its kind!

So youd better pay close attention now and read this very carefully:

You are living in a remarkable period in history. Never have circumstances been so ideal to reclaim the power youve always held deep within. The Universal Laws have always been there at work. You were just never taught about them existing. As a consequence, youve never been aware of them. And therefore, youve never been able to consciously apply them to create a life of utter bliss and happiness.

But as soon as you become aware of them and you start to apply them correctly, success in life, as you define it, is guaranteed. When you get the hang of applying these Laws correctly, you can engineer coincidental happenings and success into your life. And its really a simple thing to learn...

Because now you can get your hands on a brand new pack of knowledge that lifts the veil on the long-kept secrets of the Universal Laws, their mutual interactions, and the ways in which they should be applied. And all this in the clearest, simplest and most straightforward way youll ever encounter!


“Never Before Have The Laws Of The Universe
And Their Applications Been Revealed In
Such A Clear And Straightforward Way!”


Now you can turn your life into anything you truly want it to be, if only you decide to take action on this opportunity today.

But if youve been paying attention to this subject lately, you probably noticed that fragments of this knowledge are resurfacing here and there, not least on the Internet.

In part, this is an excellent development, because that means everyone can benefit from this crucial knowledge, including you!

However, the problem is that its often not more than fragments. You never get to find the big picture. Different parts are being released here, other fragments are being released there, and different pieces of the puzzle are being released in different places altogether.

So why is that a problem?

Well, there are 3 reasons:


  • The main problem is that the information about the Laws and their applications is often conflicting.

    One says this, the other says something else. You really have to search hard to find a clear and simple, yet fully correct explanation of how to work with the Universal Laws to your advantage. Chances are you won
    t manage to find such an explanation in today's information overload on the subject.

  • Another problem is that by far most of the available information focuses on the Law of Attraction only, pretending as if there are no other factors to making this Law work for you.

    The Law of Attraction is real, but its part of an interplay of multiple life principles. If you dont know about these other principles, the results you get from working with the Law of Attraction will always be limited. Or even non-existent... But you shouldnt be satisfied with anything less than stunning results!

  • Finally, another problem is that many resources make the explanation of these principles far too complex. They come up with far too many Universal Laws.

    But listen to me as I tell you something about the universe... The universe is infinite. It really is. So if you really want to, you can come up with an infinite number of different Universal Laws. But whats the use?

    The problem with doing that is that youre going to make things far too complex. Youll just lose your way in all the different Laws. Havent we got enough laws to deal with already? Youll make things way too difficult to apply in your life. In other words, you're making things too hard on yourself, and thus youre sabotaging your own success!


All in all, putting the pieces of the puzzle together to get the big picture is becoming an increasingly complex, difficult and frustrating task these days. But its the big picture that you need to grasp if youre ready for success!

And youre ready for success, arent you?!


Avoid Making The Application Of The Laws Of
The Universe More Difficult Than Necessary!


What you need is a clear, simple, and straightforward explanation of the main Universal Laws at work. You dont need to split up every main Law into sub-laws and smaller, detailed versions of the main Laws at work. Many people do that already, to no avail. Do that, and youll focus too much on the details. And that will make you lose track of the big picture.

Pay close attention as I reveal another secret to you... The universe doesnt work in that way. It doesnt function as a sum of a large number of different parts. The universe is a closed system, a whole. And a whole is much, much more than the sum of its parts!

What you want, is to make the most profound changes in your life in the shortest, simplest and most straightforward way possible. Therefore, you dont want to go into way too much detail. After all, you dont want to get lost.

What you need, are practical, and most of all correct explanations and instructions on how to apply the main Universal Laws in the right way to make them work to your advantage. In that way, youll automatically cover all the detailed sub-laws that anyone can think of, without having to bother about each and every single one of them.

Today, either consciously or unconsciously, you applied the Universal Laws to bump into this website. It doesnt matter how you got here, whether you understand how you got here, or whether you have even been aware of the fact that it have been the Universal Laws that got you here.

Chances are that you wont understand, and that you havent been aware.

Whats important is that youre here now reading this. Nothing just happens by coincidence. Everything in your life happens because of the ways in which you interact with the Universal Laws at work behind the scenes, either consciously or unconsciously.

The fact that youre here reading this implies that you have a deep desire to change your life into something that brings you more happiness. Even utter bliss if you will. And you can! The Universe is nothing but a wish-fulfilling machine, if only you knew how to harness the power held within you to pull the levers on the Universal Laws.

The fact that you got here is no coincidence. Its by design. Thats your mind at work, pulling the levers on the Universal Laws.


You Were Led Here Simply Because You
Sent Out A Profound And Sincere Desire
To Change Your Life For The Better!


So stop for a second, and pay very close attention now! Because Im gong to tell you more about why youre in for a treat today, as you stumbled upon this absolutely unique opportunity...

Listen carefully...

Theres a revolution going on. Its a great Revolution of people who are changing their lives into something more profound than they ever considered possible. Thousands of people have already begun to make the changes they desire. Thousands are already applying the revolutionary knowledge we provided them with when they joined the Great Revolution.

Today is your call to join. Youre about to embark on the most exciting journey of your life, as youll turn it into something more than you ever even dared to dream!

I can hear you ask: How is that going to happen?

Well let me tell you...

Were an underground revolution working overtime to wake you up to your true nature and potential. We provide you with knowledge that teaches you how to apply the power that has been hidden within you and held in there for long enough already. Now its time to unleash that power. And thats exactly what were going to do!

If you decide to join today, you will be provided with works of knowledge that are simply unique in their kind. The contents are unlike youve ever seen! They provide you with the clearest, most concise, and most straightforward explanation of the Universal Laws that youll ever come across, and of how you interact with them!


Introducing: ‘Revolutioniz’:
Harness The Hidden Laws Of The Universe”


When you join the Revolution today, these are the 2 main books youll get. These are one-of-a-kind works of knowledge that provide you with the exact information you need to bring about the changes you desire.

Let’s cut to the chase immediately and see what’s inside Part 1:

  • Discover the 6 main Laws of the Universe and how they apply to your life.

  • Learn how to open your mind to the unlimited possibilities that the universe provides in your life.

  • Discover your personal, unique place in the universe and how to move from there to create the life of your dreams.

  • Learn about the role of the Law of Attraction in the universe, in your life, and its place between the other Universal Laws.

  • Learn about the essential relationships between the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws.

  • Discover the true nature of the Law of Attraction that most other resources seem to miss.

  • Learn about upward and downward spirals in applying the Law of Attraction.

  • The #1 secret you need to know about how to make the Law of Attraction work for you. Knowing this could literally mean the difference between making it happen and getting it all wrong!

  • Learn about importance of awareness and how to use it to take control over your life and destiny.

  • Discover the exact 5 steps to apply the Law of Attraction. These are the most essential and most straightforward steps youll ever find, anywhere!

  • Why today is the most profound time in history to apply the Universal Laws and to make the changes you desire in your life.

  • Learn about the #1 thing you must do before you start applying the Law of Attraction. You must do this, if you want your efforts to actually have effects!

  • Learn about the crucial importance of being honest with yourself. Also, learn how you can see if you are, and how you can turn things around easily if youre not!

  • Discover the #1 mistake that most people make in applying the Law of Attraction. This is the main reason why most people dont get the results they long for, even while being aware of the Law of Attraction...

  • Learn about the critical importance of emotions in manifesting your desires, and how to apply them to your advantage.

  • Discover why most people get visualization all wrong. Learn about the essential secrets of visualization, in order to gain massive momentum and attract everything you want in your life.

  • Learn about the #1 thing that can get in your way to block you from achieving your desires. This is where most people go wrong as well! And believe me, its not what you think it is!

  • Discover the way around the #1 thing that gets in your way to hamper you in achieving the results you long for. Knowing about this one nifty little secret can help you multiply the effects of your efforts infinitely!

  • Learn your real job in applying the Law of Attraction. Avoid the mistakes most people make. Please! Im telling you, you may just need to do less instead of doing more to get the results you want...

  • Discover 4 ways in which you can become aware of the Law of Attraction at work in your life.

  • Learn the crucial 5th step in applying the Law of Attraction. This is the step that most experts and gurus forget to teach you, or the one that most people forget. However, if you dont take this step, nothing is going to happen! If youre serious about manifesting your dreams, you must know about this step!

  • And much, much more!


This is just a small sample of what you'll learn in these 39 pages of full disclosure. Nowhere else are you going to find such a clear explanation of the correct application of the Law of Attraction in relation to the other Universal Laws. All guesswork is left out!

But it doesnt stop here! Not by far!

Ive told you this before, but Im telling you again:

The universe is a whole. Its a whole that's much, much more than the sum of its parts. No Universal Law can be seen in isolation, not even the Law of Attraction. This is a crucial mistake that so many people are making. All Universal Laws interact with each other and influence each other!

Knowing how to attract everything you want in your life is certainly a good thing. Theres no doubt about that.

But the Law of Attraction influences all other Universal Laws. And in turn, all other Universal Laws influence the Law of Attraction at the same time. Its a closed system.

And youre intelligent enough to realize that you must know about how to pull the levers on the other 5 main Universal Laws as well, if success is what youre after.


Well, for a number of reasons:


  • Working with the other 5 main Universal Laws allows you to amplify the effects of the Law of Attraction to incredible extents, so you can truly exploit the Law of Attraction to its fullest extent possible.

  • Applying all 6 main Laws of the Universe allows you to work the whole system of Universal Laws, including all smaller and minor sub-laws that are automatically covered by these main Universal Laws.

  • By applying all 6 main Universal Laws to their fullest extents, youll create a self-reinforcing system of Universal Laws influencing each other to amplify each others effects. As soon as you manage to achieve this, your life takes a supersonic flight to undiscovered heights!


And that's where Revolutioniz: Harness the Hidden Laws of the Universe - Part 2 comes in!

Here’s just a small selection of the things you’ll learn inside Part 2:

  • How all Universal Laws interact and influence each other.

  • How to replace your belief system with a state of mind thats conducive to manifesting anything you want in your life.

  • Discover the true nature of what is called reality and how to apply this knowledge to create the life and destiny you desire.

  • Learn all about the crucial importance of wavelengths and frequencies in manifesting your desires.

  • Discover how your 5 senses can hold you back in making all your dreams reality.

  • Learn about the mechanism that explains the workings of the Law of Attraction. Knowing this will greatly amplify the effects you get from applying the Law of Attraction!

  • Why any belief in lack, scarcity, or limitation is false, and the many ways in which such a belief can hold you back in achieving your dreams.

  • Learn about your subtle body and its crucial importance in making the Law of Attraction work for you.

  • Discover how essential your thoughts and emotions are in determining the outcomes of your life, and how to turn them into the types of thoughts and emotions you need.

  • Learn an extremely powerful trick to shift focus from the wrong thoughts and emotions to the right thoughts and emotions immediately.

  • Discover the true nature of Karma (a.k.a. Cause and Effect) and why most resources get it all wrong. Knowing this crucial little nuance about Karma can mean the difference between success and failure.

  • Learn why you are living in a remarkable period of history and why now is the best time ever to make the changes to your life that youve been longing for for so long.

  • Discover what cause and effect really means. Most people get this all wrong. But if you know how to really apply this to your life, youll be able to reap the benefits much more effectively.

  • Discover the #1 pitfall to avoid if you want to stop sabotaging yourself.

  • Learn about the #1 secret you need to be aware of if you want to avoid fooling yourself into believing youre doing things right, while actually youre doing things wrong entirely.

  • Discover a neat secret to setting the stage for the Law of Attraction to do its work in attracting all of your desires into your life in the quickest and most effective way possible.

  • Learn the critical importance of gratitude.

  • Discover the 2 ways in which to differ between gratitude and taking things for granted, and how understanding this is crucial in having success in applying the Laws of the Universe.

  • How to avoid stagnation and how you can keep growing to new peaks time after time.

  • Discover the critical difference between wanting and needing and how understanding this difference can open you up to success, instead of pushing you towards failure.

  • Learn a simple, yet incredibly effective trick to harness the power of gratitude.

  • How to use visualization in the right way to amplify your results. Most people fall short in visualization. You must do it in the right way!

  • Learn the absolute, second-to-none, #1 secret you MUST know about how to create the circumstances and set the stage for the Universal Laws to do their jobs in bringing you all your desires. This secret is so incredibly important! Yet almost no one really does this! For your own sake and success, learn about this secret!

  • Discover the true nature of Universal Love, and how its so utterly different from the way in which most people perceive love. This is probably not going to be anything like you expect!

  • Why you block all your efforts if you don't live according to the Universal Law of Love.

  • Learn to take on an entirely new perspective on life, in order to discover your own personal, unique purpose in life.

  • Discover the one and only thing you can equal Universal Love to. And believe me, its not what you expect! Nevertheless, knowing this is your #1 key to changing your life for the better, and even to changing the whole world for the better!

  • Learn how your application of the Universal Law of Love links into all other Universal Laws and greatly amplifies their effects.

  • Learn the 4 rules to living according to the Law of Love.

    Once again, this is not some cheesy discussion on how you should love everything in the way people generally define love. Nor is it focusing on flowers blossoming and birds flying, or anything like that.

    This is a straightforward, grounded, and above all practical discussion of extremely powerful principles to apply in your life to make your efforts a greater success than you can imagine! These 4 steps truly are your key to happiness and bliss, and staying there!

    This is simply incredible!

  • Discover the ultimate, #1 secret to opening yourself up to the good things to be manifested in your life.

  • Learn how to recognize engineered coincidences.

  • Learn about the ways in which the Universal Laws pull the strings in your life and the ways in which the things you desire come into your life.

    Chances are that youre expecting other things. So if you want to recognize your opportunities and manifestations and don't miss out on them without even noticing them, you must learn about these ways!

  • And so much more!


And believe me, Ive barely been scratching the surface! Theres so much amazing and practical knowledge in this book, youll be flabbergasted!

But dont just take my word for it...

Stop for a minute, and listen to what a few well-established experts have to say about these books:


“Henk and Nicholas have put together a wonderful series of books that bring simplicity to the complex. They explain in understandable language the universal laws as they skillfully blend insight with the findings of science and other disciplines to bring the reader a fresh perspective in thinking. I highly recommend these books to those who are searching for practical ways of making a life instead of just making a living.”

John Harricharan, award-winning author of, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the



Those seeking to use and practice the Laws of the Universe and who want practical information about these Laws and living by them to create a more EXTRAordinary life, must read this series of books! I say this is a must for anyone who wants to understand the world we live in and those who are in the human potential movement!”

Terri Levine, Coach and Author of Magnetizing: The Guidebook to Achieving Financial, Emotional, and Spiritual Abundance                                                 


Henk and Nicholas have put together an amazing package, teaching you everything you need to know about the Universal Laws and how to apply them. If you want to learn how to apply the Universal Laws in your life effectively, I highly recommend this package!

Eva Gregory, International Coach of the Year 2006,
Master Law of Attraction Coach, Speaker and Author



A fresh new approach to creating what you desire in your life. Now you can learn the cutting-edge secrets of deliberate creation that most people will never know. And, the best part is that its all written in such a clear and uplifting way! Help yourself and help others by downloading these amazing e-books now. I promise you that they will Revolutioniz’ your thinking and change the way you look at life!

Dr. Robert Anthony, Best-Selling Author and Personal Performance Trainer



My team and I have reviewed and applied a wide range of products, over 25 different Law of Attraction programs in all. The emphasis, of course, is the Law of Attraction and how to use it to attract those things you desire and want to experience in your life. The problem with that formula is that there are more Laws that work in tandem with the Law of Attraction.

A lot of programs leave that out, some touch on the subject.

Along with these other Laws, faith is a HUGE part of making the Law of Attraction work. Letting go and trust in the Universe. Many people have no problems with this. There are those, however, that are of a logical mind set that faith comes to in a hard way. The beauty of the REVOLUTIONIZ Program is that Henk and Nicholas have made a breakthrough in this genre by creating a product able to be used by both the spiritually inclined as well as the scientific minded. Clear enough to be followed by most, concise enough to be accepted by the followers of logic.

The bottom line is this... If you just want to learn about the subject, most any of the programs will fulfill that requirement. If you want to learn and actually apply the subject to your life, there are actually several of those to fill that bill as well. If you want a product that explains the subject, gives you enough scientific background and history to understand why it works, and gives you a solid methodology to follow with some really great tools, then you need to join the Revolution and REVOLUTIONIZ!

Michael Hall, Leader of the Enchanted Trader Staff



Revolutioniz not only provides all the insights, steps and techniques to master the manifesting process, but it makes that process easy-to-follow, fun, and powerfully effective.

Revolutioniz is rich in practical and esoteric wisdom that will take your life to a whole new level.

All necessary elements are woven together in an inspiring way to create a leading-edge, life-transforming product that will revolutionize your world!

As well as a tool for creating real-world results, this program is also great food for the heart and soul and will uplift, inspire and enliven. It has depth, substance and authenticity, and is exceptional quality - a world-class, timeless resource that you can use again and again for the realization of your dreams!

Aine Belton, Creator of the Miracle Mind Manifesting Program



These are one-by-one highly respected people who know their ways with applying the Universal Laws. And they can certainly tell when knowledge is truly valuable!

And if that didnt convince you, listen to what some other people had to say:


Even if you already know about the Universal Laws, you need to experience the depth and clarity offered in this well-reasoned and well-researched information. Its mind-blowing and clear, both at the same time.

And if you don
t really understand the power of the Universal Laws, youre in for a great read and an exciting ride as you join the Revolution!

I cant wait to read it again!

Buz McGuire
The Viral Happiness Expansi
on Initiative


You have created a system I wish had been in existence several years ago for my personal use when I needed it the most. I am just blown away by the attention to detail, the content, and the positive message you present.

I can tell you this with absolute certainty, your packages are going to help a lot of people! I recommend this highly!

Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Pat Hicks


I have thoroughly enjoyed my copy of Revolutioniz. The material you cover is reviting, and its explained in such a manner that it is no longerarchaic, but cutting-edge, and interesting.
You cover the whole gamut, and now I understand how the Law of
Attraction that Ive heard so much about fits into the grand scheme with the rest of the Universal Laws. I do believe that Ill be able to better utilize ALL the Universal Laws to my advantage, thanks to the education in your materials.

What a great series!

Susan Denham


Just when you think youve heard or read everything about the Law of  Attraction, along comes Henk J.M.Schram and Nicholas P.Kidds works: Revolutioniz--Harness The Hidden Laws Of The Universe


This well researched work integrates the 6 Laws Of The Universe and shows the reader how to consciously and actively use all 6 laws to release peak levels of achievement, happiness and love.


Furthermore, Henk and Nicholas invite their readers to join the revolution and disseminate these teachings to the world: by first changing yourself, then changing the world through the higher vibrational frequencies of love, joy and transcendence.


These teachings can be applied to all walks of life.


This revolution is kind and loving and could have a Ghandi-like effect as more and more of us get involved.


I invite you to join the revolution NOW!!


Kate Loving Shenk



Wow! Bravo for Revolutioniz!


What you receive in this package is great information that combines ancient wisdom with modern science to bring clarity in starting with our lives for change, and with that, the ripple effect moves ever outward... A simple key for change in the bigger picture of this wonderful thing called Life, that we all share!


There is a lot of knowledge imparted here and the secret key is to apply it and practice, practice, practice! Knowledge is one thing; however, it is very evident that applied knowledge from these materials equals FREEDOM!


Youll really want to have your own packageand see how very refreshing it is to see that 5 other Laws of the Universe are included in the information, and that one is not set aside and taught in isolation.


There are also surprises and reinforcements of principles we may already know of living our life in tune with the Universe. However, to hearit again is vital to our experiencing everything and anything we want!


Thanks for reminding me with great clarity that we all have the power to create our own universe!


Darleyne Dreger



Henk and Nicholas have clearly explained the cause and effect relationship between the science behind the natural universal laws that operate constantly in our universe and the personal or social aspects of our experiences of those laws in our daily lives. Reading their materials has allowed me to gain the knowledge I needed in order to have faith and courage so I could apply the universal laws, change my perceptions (thus my life) and create a financial net and future for myself and my children beyond my wildest dreams. 

The Secret took me part of the way, and this information allowed me to LET everything flow! I would have every single person read these writings and reap the benefits!


Alexia Rogue Wacks



When I first used the Revolutioniz system my life was at an all time low. My finances were beyond repair, as so I thought.  In using your program I have found relief and hope. I hav tried over 30 other programs and read numerous books, but your insight and expertise has been invaluable!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Char Davis
Phoenix, Arizona


Dear Henk and Nicholas,

I recently downloaded your two free e-books and also purchased the Revolutioniz Package. I have previously spent hundreds (actually thousands) for books, tapes, and CDs, and nothing has resonated with me like your explanation of the LOA being so inextricably linked to the other laws.

I paid twenty bucks for your material, and it has probably been worth all the rest of my investments combined, but blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.

Isnt it interesting that the more affordably-priced stuff has been so much more satisfying?

From my Baptist upbringing's perspective, having someone explain Biblical mystery without the condemnation aspect and pie-in-the-sky mumbo jumbo was a deep breath of fresh air.

Thank you, guys!


Ron Allen
Longview, Texas


I discovered to my great surprise that I had lost my some of my upbeat ideas and sense of hopefulness. A friend told me this and I recognized I was falling downward in a spiral  - and had stopped seeking joy and a productive path. I had found myself bogged down in negative attitudes from my extended family in a relatively new marriage....

Then your email came along.  I had already begun to reach out to old books with information in personal development, but your material seems to be the best of both worlds of ‘positive thinking’ and learning the ‘ropes’ of creativity.

Thank you...you probably and literally saved my life. My friend had said, “I miss the old Becky.

Thank you!

Becky Reed


“You probably should have called this the thinking man or woman’s guide to the Law of Attraction. Your way of explaining it, the allegories you use, and the historical background make this one of the best things I’ve read on the subject!

I really think youve got something here... and I didnt think there was more for me to learn. Thanks for proving me wrong!

Oh, and your Step 5 is something most of the guides are missing... and the reason why most people cant make the Law of Attraction work. Kudos!

Kate Fowler


I think this was one of the best additions to The Secret I ever read, it’s so helpful! I was manifesting things I never thought I could dream of! Start something new today! Nothing comes to those who wait! Let your dreams and wishes come true!

Patricia L. Deleon 

As you read all the judgments by these people, are you beginning to realize that you simply cant go wrong with these materials?!

But this is not all! Most certainly not! I want it to be as clear as possible that you are given an amazing opportunity here. Thats why youll also get a whole range of special bonuses for free, if you act on this opportunity today!


Get These Remarkable Gifts For Free
If You Join The Revolution Today!


If you join the Revolution today, youll also get these remarkable gifts for free:


Bonus #1 ($27 Value):

A Special Revolution Teaching: The Revolutionary Premises of Your Own Power’

This 38-page book lifts the veil on the profound ways in which you create your own reality. Through thought-provoking discussions this book opens your mind to unlimited possibility, and is thus the perfect support to the Revolution materials you’ll be receiving when you join today.


This teaching blends insights from the science of quantum physics and DNA with mysticism and inspiration, to give you profound understanding of the world you live in and how you create it. It shines a whole new, fresh light on the principles of ‘attraction’ and the real ways in which this process occurs.

Few people really understand this process. Yet the understanding that this book gives you can truly set you free! This book gives you the understanding of the creation and attraction process that you may have been looking for!

Knowledge is power, and this book shows you how to apply the tremendous power hidden within you!

Bonus #2 (Priceless Value):

John Harricharan’s Award-Winning Bestseller
When You Can Walk The Water, Take The Boat’

You rarely com across a novel as inspirational as this one!
When You Can Walk the Water, Take the Boat
is an astonishing book filled with motivational and life-changing gems. Miraculous life-changes have occurred to those who have read the rousing, inspirational and motivational message that this book delivers.

Do you have problems with money, health, or relationships?

Is your life in need of inspiration, motivation and a glimpse in the world of spirituality?

This book describes a journey, a joyous, inspirational awakening of self-understanding, inner truth and the power of universal love that lives within us all.

And it’s a journey you too are about to share!

Bonus #3 ($19.95 Value):

Dr. Robert Anthony’s Popular Book
Random Wisdom : Powerful Thoughts for Conscious Living’

Over the years, Dr. Robert Anthony wrote a whole range of bestsellers.

Among these, he wrote a series of ‘THINK’-books that contained one- or two-line thought-provoking ideas. This series became extremely popular, selling over a million copies! Since then, Dr. Anthony added 150 new ideas to this collection. He then put all these ideas together in one book.

 If you join the Revolution today, this incredible book is yours to have for

Random Wisdom’ contains over 450 ideas that you can use in your life immediately.

Bonus #4 ($19.95 Value):

An Audio Seminar by Bob Doyle:
Are You DESPERATE for Money (or just Want More Now)?

This seminar gives you practical steps NOW that you can use to change your 'desperate situation around money.

This includes the seminar, a printed version of it, a report called Create Your First Internet Revenue Stream and even more audio resources that will give you immediate results in eliminating any and all resistance that you may have around abundance.

Also included is the audio seminar The Secret to the Universe, an introduction to the Law of Attraction with Bob Doyle.

All in all tremendous value, only available from Bob Doyles Boundless Living Inc. And its yours for free if you join the Revolution today!

Bonus #5 ($17 Value):

Terri Levines Highly Acclaimed Book:
Magnetizing: The Guidebook to Achieving Financial, Emotional and Spiritual Abundance

Terri Levine is often called the guru of coaching. She provides professional, world-class personal training and coaching to help her clients achieve all their personal and business goals.

Magnetizing is having all the things you want in your life. It is deliberately shifting your conscious mind to bring all you want into your life experience. It is knowing you have the ability to create by choice all you want in life!

Terri invites you to open your mind and breathe in your ability and your human gift of magnetizing. She teaches you how to use your own power of magnetizing, and how to amp up your life financially, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

This highly acclaimed book gives you the how-to of creating a more balanced and richer life. And its yours to have for free if you join today!

Bonus #6 ($19 Value):

Aine Beltons Eye-Opening Book:
The Law of Attraction: The Bigger Picture

Aine Belton is the creator of the Miracle Mind Manifesting Program and is known for her comprehensive knowledge about all that is involved in the process of manifestation.

In this fantastic book, Aine gives you the bigger picture of the Law of Attraction, stressing aspects of the manifesting process that many people tend to forget. Her bigger picture is comprehensive, but concise at the same time. It allows you to get a quick and clear overview of the process right away.

This eye-opening book will likely change your perspectives in an instant, and gives you clear how-to strategies to make profound changes in your life. Her attention to aspects that many others forget about or perhaps don
t even know about make this a very useful reference for giving you a quick and clear overview of the whole attraction story.

You will be able to instantly download this book for free once you decide to join today!

Bonus #7 (Priceless Value):

Steve Goodier's Highly Entertaining Book:
Laughing All The Way

Do you want more joy in living? Do you need more laughter in life?

Steve Goodiers book Laughing All The Way is packed with humorous stories from several of his books, that are designed to help you find more laughter and joy in every day.

One of the many things you will learn is that a state of joy is a natural aspect of your being, and that it's a starting point for magnificent creations.

Reading this book can allow you to find that natural state of joy in every day, even when things don
t seem to go your way. This can set the stage for you to really start manifesting what you want!

Bonus #8 ($29 Value):

Dr. Joe Rubino's Highly Acclaimed, Life-Impacting Recording:
7 Steps To Soaring Self-Esteem

One of the keys to success and happiness in life is having a natural and healthy sense of self-esteem.

With this audio course you can discover the proven formula by the world-renowned Dr. Joe Rubino to greatly uplift your current levels of self-esteem.

This course, combined with your new perception of who you are and the nature of life itself that youll gain from the rest of the Revolution materials, will transform you into a firm and secure person, deliberately creating and living your life at your terms and conditions!

If you join the Revolution today, you can download this course for FREE!


As youre reading every word of this and start realizing the amazing value of all these works, youre probably beginning to wonder what you have to do to join the Revolution and make use of this amazing opportunity...

Ill tell you what...

Here comes the truly incredible part:

The only thing we ask of you is a measly investment that shows us youre truly serious about making the changes you desire to your life. The Revolution is about people like you, who are genuinely looking for ways to uplift their lives significantly, and to turn the world into a better place by doing exactly that. We need people who are serious about making profound changes to their lives!

And you want to make profound changes to your life, dont you?!

Elsewhere, you could easily invest big bucks for some guide that is either too vague, too detailed and complex, or completely incorrect. Or youll invest far too much for information that gives you just part of the story, without the big picture that you need. In any case, youll get lost.

But today is different...

I already told you that you didnt get here by accident. Today youve found your key to turning your life around and turn it into what you want it to be.

And all you have to do, is show us that youre serious by making just a small investment...

Im telling you, youll forget about this measly investment the instant you start reading and applying this knowledge in your life!

So how much do you have to invest?


Today You Can Join For Only $ 29.95 !


Thats right. Just a one-time-only investment of $29.95 to join the Great Revolution today. Youll receive all the incredible materials that will inspire you to change your life into something beyond your dreams, and that will explain you in the clearest terms how to do it!

These groundbreaking materials provide the clearest, most concise, and most straightforward explanation of the application of the main Laws of the Universe that youll ever be able to get your hands on!

But listen to me, and listen to me very carefully... Because Im going to explain why you need to make use of this opportunity today!

We humans are remarkable beings. Not only are we much more powerful than we tend to realize. But we also have a habit of valuing the quality of something according to the investment we had to make in order to get it.

Dont let this happen to you!

The knowledge contained in the materials youll get is priceless! You must treat it like you had to invest tens of thousands of dollars to get these materials!

Therefore, we may be at least doubling the current investment as soon as the word gets out to the masses...

This is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity made exclusively available to you to join the Revolution and get these materials for this ridiculously low, one-time investment price! You dont come across offers like this every day!

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As soon as many others will learn about this astonishing offer, well be raising the investment significantly.

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Thats why we will probably be raising the required investment.

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You know you wont, dont you?

Its now or never. Its time for the most crucial decision of your life:


  • Are you going to be part of the Greatest Revolution in Human History? Are you going to grab the one, most reachable opportunity youll ever get to turn your life into something beyond your wildest dreams?

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Listen, you dont have to invest right now. But youll never be seeing this low-investment opportunity ever again if you dont act on it today.

You know what I mean, dont you?

And if youre still not sure, get this...

Were so confident that you'll be more than satisfied with these materials, that youre backed by a full...


56-Day, 100%, Iron Clad,
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In the highly unlikely case that you think that the contents of these materials are not worth the mere $29.95 investment, then simply send us an e-mail within 56 days after your purchase, and well refund your investment immediately! You can even keep the revolutionary materials we gave you! No hassle, no questions asked! Well merely thank you for giving the Revolution a chance and well part as friends!

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Nicholas P. Kidd and Henk J.M. Schram


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There are people asking you to pay a fortune for knowledge that doesnt even come close to the big picture offered in these books! And often youre even saddled with enigmas wrapped in riddles that you just cant make any sense of!

However, the Revolution materials do give you the big picture. They show you exactly what you can do in your life to start living in accordance with the universal principles of life. And the best thing is that the explanation is clear, straightforward and to the point!

You can work miracles if you get these materials today. And youre just a click away from attaining all your desires and dreams...

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