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Imagine how useful it could be to attract luck and be given 'urges' and 'hunches' to create financial windfalls in your life...

...Imagine if you could program up dreams for yourself that actually HEAL your mind and body? (for instance, reverse feelings of depression almost overnight...)

Sound incredible? ... this is just the tip of the iceberg...

Imagine if you could find inspired answers to all your problems, almost at will...

... or bring back the CLOSENESS, and passion with your partner, or attract a NEW romantic partner (...using just the power of your mind)

Well, you may be somewhat stunned to learn that all of this is now possible MUCH more!

A handful of individuals in Australia and New Zealand paid over $100 for each individual report of Jim Francis and his research team, and are using this knowledge to improve their personal lifestyle dramatically!

But you won't hear these people talk about it, because it's an in-house secret.

Until now.

We've taken the stunning breakthrough reports of Jim and his team and brought them to life...

The reports are NOT theoretical "mumbo-jumbo" documents designed to merely titillate your interest, then leave you with no practical formula to follow. They are hands-on instruction manuals which have been developed by a group of serious businessmen in a dedicated research laboratory. They are designed to take you through the various mind-power disciplines STEP BY STEP so that you can understand, learn and use them.

They are probably the most practical reports on personal mind-power EVER written. 


Now With Powerful Revolutionary Audios...

Many of Jim's reports explain how to prepare your own audios using his advanced hypnotic scripts.

We've taken these carefully crafted scripts (some took over 12 months of experimentation), and given them to a world leading brain audio engineer and expert hypnotherapist.

By combining Jim's stunning research with modern brain entrainment technology, you now have access to UNIQUE and powerful mp3 audios

Create a happier, healthier, wealthier and more fulfilling life...


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Find inspired solutions at will with The Psychokinetic Problem Solving Program

problem solving programAll you need to do is specify your goal, and this unique program will show you how to attain it...produce 'inspired' answers almost at will.

The specially recorded audio trains your subconscious mind to find a solution to your problem... while you sleep.

Once your mind becomes trained, you may find the process speeds up to the point where you can sit down at any time of the day, play the audio and get the answers you want. Eventually you may be able to do away with the audio altogether and produce inspiration on demand... Imagine how USEFUL that could be...

...And as a wonderful side effect of using this unique and powerful program, you'll help awaken the right-hemisphere of your brain. This will help you become more creative and intuitive. You'll feel more in control of your life, less stressed and much more relaxed. Comes with full step by step instructions.


Attract love and romance into your life with Contact!

contactDo you remember when you first fell in love and how your partner used to gaze lovingly into your eyes?

Remember how your heart melted every time you kissed? ...Do you miss that feeling?

Contact was written for a profound reason. Every individual deserves the right to absolute happiness….and the greatest happiness comes from being in love…..that is…..having the right partner in your life.

This is a powerful new mind power technique that almost no one knows about. It's about attracting a new romantic partner, or bringing back the closeness in dying relationships... 


Cure your mind and body whilst sleeping with Dream Programming

dream programmingThe program outlined is basically BRAND NEW knowledge ...known only to a small number of Eastern practitioners and a few perceptive Western researchers.

We have a feeling that there will be some interesting breakthroughs in this dream research but in the meantime you have been given a brand new concept that you will be able to experiment with. In the fascinating report you'll learn how to cure your mind and body through therapeutic dreams...

...including how you can completely reverse moods of depression by simply pre-programming up the necessary dreams.


Plus 2 Dream Programming Audios - Feeling Confident and Dynamic and Financial Abundance and Freedom from Stress


If you're interested in learning what type of dream you can program up to improve your life in as little as 12 hours for FREE...

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 Attract luck into your life with Synchronicity Luck Program

The research team developed a totally new program to enable you to create synchronistic events to your advantage.

Comes with UNIQUE audio which will help re-program certain basic subconscious beliefs that you have held since a child. This audio will help you become more aware of your natural luck cycles, you may find that you become more intuitive and you'll feel good about yourself. You'll probably feel more refreshed, more positive and more enthusiastic about life in general.

It will enable you to recognize apparently unrelated synchronistic events. You'll suddenly recognize what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.


Find out the answer to almost any question with The Amazing Mental Pendulum

amazing mental pendulum Find out what a traditional pendulum is, how to make one, and how you can use it to find out the answer to almost any question

You'll learn a brand new way of tapping into this infinite knowledge without the need for any device... Another 'world first' discovery with full step by step instructions.

Traditional pendulums can only give a yes/no/maybe answer. This technique allows you to receive 8 different types of answers including numbers. This can help you get ALL the answers necessary to achieve TOTAL success and freedom in your life.

You can even use this technique to help analyze your dreams and find their hidden meanings e.g if you have a financial problem you can use the dream programming module to program a solution in your dreams, and then use the pendulum program to decode the dream - FULL dream programming and analysis instructions included.

...or alternatively, you can use this technique to increase your chances of correctly predicting the next color in a game of roulette! (seriously!)


Influence people with your mind for good causes with Subjective Communication

subjective communicationFind out how you're already influencing other people with your thoughts, and how you can learn to control these thoughts for good causes around the world.

Use this power to make a positive difference in the world ... almost instantaneously - 

  • You can use this technique to modify a child's behaviour, or attract a new partner into your life. 
  • You can use it to bring back the spark in your relationship or get the job you're after... 
  • You can even use this incredible mind power technique to 'sway' a business proposition or create more sales ... 


Accelerate the life of your dreams with The Ultimate Visualization Exercise

visualization According to Jim and his research team, the simple exercise in this special report is widely regarded as the most powerful visualization exercise ever discovered.

Now recorded as an extremely powerful mp3... It will take you on a journey into inner/outer space and help SUPERCHARGE the manifestation of your desires by connecting to a powerful energy source.


Order today  and you'll also get -


Discover Your Psychic Abilities with Concepts From The Edge - Value $29.95

 A fascinating journey into psychic phenonema and mysteries of the mind... 

  • In Nothing is what it seems learn more about space and time, human consciousness and quantum physics 
  • Learn how to make your own dowsing rods and how to use them to find buried objects (this can be great fun!)
  • Find out the strength of your psychic abilities with a quick and easy test
  • In Psychic control of the weather, you'll learn how native North American tribes may have affected the weather with their rain dances.
  • Basic instructions on inducing an out of body experience 
  • Find out what anti matter is, and how a matter-antimatter engine could revolutionize space travel
  • Learn the basics of to move objects with your mind 


Take A voyage into mindpower with The Hidden Secrets of Mind Power Technology - Value $29.95

 In this exciting and fascinating part of the course, you'll learn more about Jim Francis and his research into alpha,theta and delta brainwaves. It includes a foreward by the world's leading female remote viewer, Angela Thompson Smith... Discover - 

  • The extraordinary world of 21st century mind science and where most of the mind power research is leading. 
  • What the consciousness revolution is - and how you could be a part of it 
  • Scientific research into intelligence and energy fields that appear to belong to us individually, but are found OUTSIDE all of our physical bodies... 
  • How all our minds are already connected in the morphogenetic field theory (and how you can use this connection to your advantage) 
  • The holographic theory of the mind and the experiment that proved mind power can influence seemingly random events... 
  • How your belief system creates your reality and sometimes hides the REAL reality. 


This rare collection of mind power ebooks...

This inspiring collection includes the classics such as 'Think and Grow Rich, The Master Key and The Science of getting Rich. Plus the lesser known masterpieces such as Thought Vibration, Your Invisible Power, The Power of your Subconscious mind, The Power of Concentration, Practical mental Influence, Character Building thought power. 

Value $39.95


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  • The Amazing Mental Pendulum Value $19.95 
  • Subjective Communication Value $19.95 
  • The Ultimate Visualization Exercise Value $29.95 
  • Concepts from The Edge Value $29.95 
  • Hidden Secrets Of Mind Power Technology Value $29.95 
  • Rare Mind Power Ebooks Value $39.95 

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    Tony Gregory (Gold Coast Kiwi)


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    "The information in the 'The Super Mind Evolution System' e-books is truly powerful, but when combined with the brilliant series of MP3 recordings designed to make the whole process of change automatic, this system is quite simply the best I have seen."

    Peter Roe, Master Hypnotist


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    "I truly believe that my life was changed forever on the day when I purchased the package. I cannot find words to express my deepest gratitude for the opportunity to obtain such mind-blowing material."

    Attila Lukacs, Brisbane - Australia


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    "I have read many self-help books throughout the years, and for the first time I'm seeing amazing results because of applying your "Super Mind Evolution System," and this after only two weeks. Thank you"

    Diane Winker, U.S.A


    "I am amazed at the difference in how I feel" 

    "Wow, in just a few short hours of using your program, I am amazed at the difference in how I feel. I bought this due to some severe health issues I have been struck with."

    "This program has more in it than anything on the market today"

    Jeff Fox USA



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