Do Less Cardio To Lose More Weight

What I’m going to talk about today is how you can lose belly fat. One

thing you can do if you’re having trouble losing stomach fat is you

can, actually do less cardio.

So, if you’ve been hopping on the treadmill or the bike and going for

30, 40 minutes of what we call steady state cardio… If you switch

that, and what you do is interval cardio instead - So what that is, is

you get on the bike and you sprint, you go as hard as you can for a

minute. Then you slow down and you rest for a minute.

You do that again for a minute. Rest for a minute. You do that eight

times. That’s going to take you a lot less time than if you were going

to hop on the treadmill and go jogging for 40 minutes, but you’re

actually going to burn more calories in the long run, something I’ve

talked about in previous videos.

It’s called epoch. It’s this calorie afterburn. That’s going to allow

you to lose your belly fat a lot faster, and burn a lot more fat a lot


So, if you’re having trouble losing your belly fat or losing fat in

general, doing less cardio may be the answer. You’re just going to

have to work harder while you’re doing that cardio.

About the Author: Mike Roussell is an author and nutrition doctoral student at Pennsylvania State University. Mike writings can be found in Men's Health and Men's Fitness and Ironman Magazines in addition to the internet's largest bodybuilding and fitness website -

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