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When you think of "dating" a woman, you probably think of "dinner and a movie," am I right?

Going out and doing stuff with the girl. Getting to know her, and all that jazz.

Well, what if I told you that you had the completely WRONG idea about dating?

See, most guys use the concept of "going out" with a girl to mean that there is some romantic ulterior motive there, and that is not always the case.

Let's go over some of the most common mistakes guys make when "dating" a girl...

Mistake #1: Guys use dates as opportunities to "Impress" women.

Lots of guys think they have something to prove on dates. They "have to get her to like me!" So they'll try and take her to fancy places to show her a memorable time, and they'll try and brag about themselves to come off as important.

Mistake #2: Guys think they can buy their way into a woman's heart.

Sadly, many men think that if they spend enough money on a woman, they can get her to sleep with them. This is always (and has always been) a bad idea. Aside from the gold diggers in the world, most women don't care how much you're spending on a date.

Mistake #3: Activities Mean Nothing!

Just the sheer act of going out to places with somebody doesn't mean as much as you think it does. If you do the typical "dinner and a movie" thing, that won't necessarily get the girl to like you. Spending time together does not always equate to romanic interest.

Mistake #4: Guys can become BORING!

Nothing is worse than going out on a date where there is no spark or chemistry. Some guys get so nervous on dates, that they sabotage themselves by being a boring dud. They talk about mundane things, display little or no personality, and just go through the motions hoping not to screw anything up.

Mistake #5: Guys follow a pattern of failure.

Finally, many men get a certain idea about dating in their heads - how things are supposed to be - and they follow that rigidly. They take every girl to the same restaurant. They ask her the same questions. They take all the fun and spontenaity out of the interaction.

So what does it mean to date a woman?

Simple: Dating is the process of building comfort, strengthening emotional connections, and building attraction!

See, it doesn't matter where you go, or how much money you spend. All that matters is how you're able to connect to the woman you're with and what you can make her feel about you.

That is why so many guys can take a girl on a cheap date and sweep her off her feet, and other guys can drop thousands of dollars on really creative dates and get NOWHERE.

Your entire focus while dating a girl should be "how can I become more emotionally connected to this girl?"

Talk about your shared interests. Talk about your passions. Try and figure out what her hopes and dreams are.

Stay away from boring questions like "where do you work?" Instead, rephrase these questions to be fun and interesting, for instance, ask her: "If you could do anything you wanted, and weren't bound by the laws of space and time, what would you do?"

Most importantly: HAVE FUN!

Crack jokes - even if they're not good. Have fun. Steer the conversation toward subjects she finds interesting. Be curious about who she is.

But most importantly, don't shy away from sex!

Too many guys are afraid to even broach the topic of sex while on a date. But you have to build the sexual tension to intensify the attraction.

Joke about sex. Flirt with her. Be a little wicked. Girls like this, and if you DON'T do it, you won't be able to build enough attraction to take things to the next level.

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