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From: Edwin Brian
Date :

Dear Friend,


efore we start, I want to tell you something straightaway.

I hate Web Promotion. I hate it more than you do, and I always have.

Web promotion is all about getting links and traffic to sites. You can build one million quality sites but with no proper web promotion, you will never see money coming in.

Most web promotion tactics have one thing in common - trying to rank high in search engines results. In the old fashion days, I loved to submit my sites to hundreds of link directories. It worked like magic until the search engines changed their algorithms.

Then the next big thing was Blog and Ping. It was one of the most powerful web promotion system. I could easily get my pages indexed in a couple of hours and rank high in search engines.

But once again, the search engines saw this coming and as a result it is now very difficult to rank one's websites on search engines, based on Blog and Ping.

Article submission is one of the methods I used. However, though it is still a very effective traffic generating tactic, it is also very time consuming.

I spent thousands on SEO tools and even hired an SEO expert. I spent hours doing Search Engine Optimization on-site and off-site. I did see some traffic now and then but the figures were not something i am proud of.

I was at the mercy of the search engines and was spending more time and money than I could earn!

I was desperate for a real traffic generating solution. I needed to be able to get traffic fast! To my luck, I found the very answer to my web promotion pain.



"With Social Bookmarking, You Can Tap Into An Unlimited Supply Of Targeted Traffic
And High Quality Backlinks For Free!"



You might have heard all the buzz about the term Social Bookmarking.

What is Social Bookmarking & Why is it so powerful and different from other web promotion tactics?

Social Bookmarking websites are basically sites that categorize and store 'bookmark links' (links which take one to a specific website). Millions of visitors flood these Social Bookmarking sites to search for information.

So the idea of bookmarking is to post links back to your web page from these Social Bookmarking websites. You need to specify some keywords (we call them TAGS) which categorize your bookmark.

This allows others to search and even vote for your bookmark. Social Bookmarking is in a league of its own because of its ability to generate traffic by sharing links.

Let's see what some benefits of Social Bookmarking are .


Benefits Of Social Bookmarking
More Targeted Traffic

Since your bookmarks are categorized into different TAGS, you will get very targeted traffic from people searching within a particular TAG. They will click on your bookmark link and visit your site. Your tags will rank well in the search engines due to the authority these sites have.


Faster Search Engine Indexing

Most of these Social Bookmarking sites are authoritative sites. The search engine spiders visit these sites so often that your links will be crawled almost immediately!

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Getting one-way incoming links is the main factor to higher search engine ranking. With Social Bookmarking, you can get unlimited 'keyword' links to your site. Having more keyword links that are relevant to your site will result in higher ranking.


Better PageRank

Having high PR Social Bookmarking sites linked to your site will improve your site's PR. With a higher PR, you can link to your new/existing sites and improve their ranking too! You can even monetize on it by selling links from your site!

It sounds almost too perfect but it is not without its downside. If you run a lot of sites, you might end up getting exhausted!

Social Bookmarking Is Time Consuming...

In order to bookmark your sites, you need to manually create your accounts at Social Bookmarking sites. Creation of accounts doesn't take much time because you only need one account.

So what is the problem?

The problem lies in bookmarking your pages. You have to manually login to your account at each of these Social Bookmarking sites and add your page's url, keywords and descriptions.

It will be crazy if you need to bookmark everyday!

In my case, I needed some kind of automation real quick and I bought most of the
Social Bookmarking tools out there.

You know what? There are 6 big problems with using social bookmarking software:

6 Big Problems With These Tools
Most Are Spam Tools

Most of the social bookmarking tools are designed to spam the bookmarking sites. These tools will auto-create random account login names and passwords. Their main function is to create multiple accounts and have them bookmark the same url.

Having hundreds of accounts created from the same ip address and having terrible randomized usernames will raise a red flag. The Social Bookmarking sites will ban your accounts for sure. Worst of all, they might even ban your ip address!

Some Are Only Designed For Certain Sites

Some of the tools are very limited. They are not designed to bookmark any sites. Some are only made for RSS feeds while others are just plugins for wordpress blogs.

If you have many sites which are not blogs or without RSS feeds, you will not be able to bookmark with these limited tools.


Most Are Over Priced With Monthly Fees

These tools are sold at cut-throat prices. They know most people are desperate for an automation solution and will pay almost anything to get them.

Some social bookmarking services even charge ridiculously steep monthly fees for the use of their program. They make it sound complicated but it isn't! They just want your money!


All Have Duplicate Content Problem

When you bookmark your sites, you will be bookmarking the same Title, Tags and Description across multiple bookmarking sites.

This will create duplicate content issues which will result in the search engines ignoring your bookmarking links.

I would not be honest if I said all of them are no good. Each tool has its very own unique feature and I have always wished I could have all those features combined in one software!

Thats when I decided to develop my own social bookmarking software...




"Bookmarking Is No Longer Time Consuming!"


I bought your tool and have read your material - excellent. I really do like your software. It's very well though out and skillfully executed. Bookmarking manually to many sites used to be a time consuming process.

With BookmarkingDemon, I can now finish bookmarking in a few minutes!

John Vito Caviani - trafficdomination.com


"Get More Traffic And
Rank Higher In Search Engines!"

  Hey, I just wanted to thank you for creating such great software.

Bookmarking Demon makes getting backlinks so much easier, and it's helped my exposure, helped me get more traffic, and even rank significantly higher in the search engines.

Whenever I make a new page, article, or Squidoo lens, I fire up Bookmarking Demon and let it go to work. Great piece of software - I use it almost every day.

Ryan Moran - spacebankers.com


"Now I have More Time
To Focus On My Business

  Bookmarking Demon has changed my little world! As a 10 year affiliate marketing veteran, I spend most of my time training others to do as I do. I really have little time for conventional promotion, let alone mastering social bookmarking techniques.

That is why I LOVE Bookmarking Demon so much! For newbies, it is perfect, as an effective campaign is just a few clicks away, and for advanced users, there is so much control and power. No other bookmarking automation software compares with Bookmarking Demon.

Awesome job, Brian!. Keep 'em coming!

Ron Davies Kern - RonaldDavies.com


"Increased Number of Backlinks and Rapid Indexing Within Days!"

  Edwin's Bookmarking Demon, take social tagging to a new level. It is the most powerful and cost effective social tagging software on the market.

It puts tag and ping on full auto pilot resulting in increased backlinks, rapid indexing and search engine ranking.

Sam Kern - freoreviews.com



Just in case you are wondering if BookmarkingDemon is a demonic blackhat spamming social bookmarking tool - The answer is NO! It is not designed to spam!

Some social bookmark automation tools that are not designed for spamming are accused of blackhat because most users are using them the wrong way!

E.g. A doctor gave some sleeping pills to a male patient to aid him in his sleeping disorder. But the male patient used the pills to spike somebody's drink. What the patient did with those pills is totally out of the doctor's control!

You know what I mean...

I have seen many users bookmarking hundreds of URLs daily! This is an obvious spam and all the links and the account will be deleted. There is no point bookmarking so many web pages when they are all deleted almost instantly.

Creating hundreds of accounts is a spamming tactic! All I did was bookmark a few links in the morning and some at night. That is all I did! Up till now, none of my links and accounts are deleted!

To sum up, Blackhat tactics are usually short-term tactics and they are all about volume. On the other hand, Whitehat tactics are long-term tactics that will make your sites last longer in the Social Bookmarking sites and rank higher in the search engines.

Now, let's look at what you can do with our Social Bookmarking Software.



Latest Upgrade
BookmarkingDemon Version 4!

Two Modes Available - Beginners & Experts

Beginners Mode - Simple mode with only account creation and bookmarking management.

Experts Mode - Advance mode with account creation, bookmarking and pinging feature. All randomization features available.


Create Accounts Automatically At 100 Social Bookmarking Sites

You can create accounts at 100 social bookmarking sites. BookmarkingDemon comes with a mixture of Popular Main Sites, Scuttle sites, ScuttlePlus sites and Pligg sites.


All you have to do is fill in the blanks as shown and hit the Create Now button. It will then automatically create accounts across more than 100 bookmarking sites.


Random Login Name During Account Creation
To reduce your footprint in the internet, we have added the ability to register different usernames when you create your accounts!

BookmarkingDemon will randomly pick one username and register at each of the bookmarking site.


You can generate random usernames and password by clicking the randomzation button.


Store Multiple Accounts At Each Social Bookmarking Sites

You can store multiple accounts at each bookmarking site. BookmarkingDemon will randomly pick one account for bookmarking.


Better Account Management With Active and Archived Accounts

Instead of deleting your bookmarking account, you can store it in the 'No Bookmarking' area. Any bookmarking accounts in the 'No Bookmarking' area will not be used during bookmarking. Click on one of the accounts and drag it into the 'No Bookmarking' area below. You can drag it back to the top to use that bookmarking account again.


Add Your Own List of Scuttle, ScuttlePlus and Pligg Social Bookmarking Sites

You can find thousands of social bookmarking sites using the bookmarking script - Scuttle, ScuttlePlus and Pligg. You can add most of these social bookmarking sites into BookmarkingDemon.

Simply add the full registration page and choose the type of bookmarking site. Can you imagine the number of Backlinks you are going to get from all these sites?


Bookmark Your URLs Automatically

Add the full URL of your webpages and BookmarkingDemon will automatically load the Meta Tags details. Your title, tags and description will be filled automatically.


Title, Tags and Description Randomization
Randomize Titles
You can enter many titles and separate them with a comma. BookmarkingDemon will randomly pick one title during bookmarking.

Randomize Tags
Bookmarking Daemon will randomly pick a percentage of your tags for bookmarking.

Randomize Description
You can enter multiple description and BookmarkingDemon will randomly pick one during bookmarking. Just separate each description with a #break# as shown in the picture above. You can even use the Smart #break# button to insert the break tag automatically throughout your descriptions.

On top of that, you can enhance the randomization with the use of curly brackets and pipes { | }

These randomization features will greatly reduce any issue of duplicate content! No other bookmarking software has the ability to do this!


Domain Crawler

Enter a URL and BookmarkingDemon will crawl all the links from that URL up to 10 levels in depth and 999 pages. You no longer need to enter your URL one by one into BookmarkingDemon. Your title, tags and descriptions will be loaded automatically from your meta tags.


Ping Your Social Profile

BookmarkingDemon comes with a build-in pinging feature. You can add your list of ping services and ping your bookmarks and webpages.


BookmarkingDemon automatically place your social bookmarking profiles into the ping section after you have done some bookmarkings.


You can also add your own webpages, bookmarks and tag pages for pinging. You can add any URLs for pinging!


Randomization Settings

To ensure that all your bookmarking accounts are not identical (example: having the same number of outgoing links and tags), you can randomize it by specifying how many percent of your sites and tags are used for bookmarking.


Camouflage With RSS Feeds

Just add a few rssfeeds and BookmarkingDemon will randomly bookmark your rssfeeds. This will help to camouflage the webpages that you are bookmarking. You might be asking why you need to hide your bookmarks? Take the look at the following two screenshots.

A) Self Promoter's Bookmarking Account

This is the most common problem with most people's bookmarking account. It is bookmarking webpages from the same site. Social bookmarking sites label such account as 'Self promotion'. Such account is most likely to be deleted.


B) Camouflaged Bookmarking Account
B) As you can see from the above, your two webpages are well hidden among other bookmarks. This is what a real bookmarking account should look like! BookmarkingDemon does this automatically when you enable the Rssfeed feature!


Faster Bookmarking With MultiThreading And Random Timing

BookmarkingDemon comes with multi posting feature. You can submit to many different bookmarking sites at the same time. You can also set the timing before each bookmarking takes place. This will make your bookmarking more human-like.


Proxy Servers

If you are naughty and get your IP banned from the Social Bookmarking sites as a result, you can always make use of the proxy server function to bookmark your pages. Some bookmarking sites restrict the number of accounts you can create per day. You need to use proxy servers to create more accounts.


User Agents

You can choose from our list of user agents. BookmarkingDemon will appear as an internet browser accessing the social bookmarking sites.



A fair value for BookmarkingDemon will be $197 with a monthly recurring fee of $47. I know I could easily sell at that price, but it is still out of reach for most people who want to automate their painful and time-consuming Social Bookmarking process.

Like you, I hate to bleed before I make any real money!

So for a very limited time only, you can own a copy of BookmarkingDemon today for an Investment of ONLY $197 $147!

Let's view BookmarkingDemon in price comparison with other bookmarking scripts in the market today.


Price Comparison
Monthly Fee
Onboard Sites
Bookmark Any Sites
Support Scuttle Sites
Support Pligg Sites
Proper Link Randomization
Proper Content Randomization
Pinging Feature

From the above table, you can see that at $147, BookmarkingDemon is easily the Best Value for your investment!

As you know, many Social Bookmarking sites constantly come up with tough measures against spam and thus have to update their systems regularly. Similarly, to keep BookmarkingDemon running smoothly, regular updates are necessary. These updates incur additional costs, and many software companies charge a monthly fee as a solution.

If you get a copy of BookmarkingDemon today, there will be No Monthly Fee and you will get Unlimited Updates for free!

Take a look at all the free updates we have done since 2006!

As you can see, we have taken every effort possible to update BookmarkingDemon regularly so it is up to date with what is happening in the social bookmarking world. All social bookmarking software updates and upgrades are FREE.


"My Domains Indexed In
Under 48 Hours!"


Everyone should tag their adsense sites to as many social bookmarking sites as possible. It will take one forever if done manually. One very cool Tagging tool I used is BookmarkingDemon.

It can register massive amounts of accounts with social bookmarking sites and then,

here's the sweetness, automatically tag your sites to these accounts! It is a desktop application that is robustly designed for speed and efficiency. Edwin has done a splendid job in supporting many of the most popular social bookmark sites.

Vince Tan - vincetan.com


"Bookmarking Done In Minutes
With A Simple Click!"

  We have tested it by doing some sample bookmarks..It's really a Great Tool! Very much impressed with the performance of the TOOL. We can easily bookmark our Pages, Profiles, Web 2.0 Stuff with a simple CLICK.

Palyn Peterson - Rockandrollmarketing.com


"Customer Support & Commitment
Are Beyond My Expectation!"

When I bought your software I had a feeling all your promises, especially your customer support and commitment to upgrading freely this noble software, were like everybody else's, just that, hype! I am actually very surprised, believe me I am. I have many software bought with such promises. They all rot in my hard drive. I had no expectation beyond my usual experience. I had wanted to write you about your uniqueness, but had felt your feat was only temporary.

Sir, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your endless committment to your customer, me yes me and I do believe, many of us who have been lucky enough to have bought your software. How I wish everyone out there was just like you, honest to the core. How I wish God may give you many days to live, and many ideas to develop to fruition, just like bookmarking demon!

I am one happy customer. I only wish you knew how honesty and commitment to your promise has meant to me. Long live Bookmarking demon.

Vincent Molelekwa


"No Other Software Compares
With BookmarkingDemon's Randomization Power!"

  I have used many other automatic social bookmarking software, nothing come close to BMD. Bookmarkingdaemon is a class of it's own. It is the only software with such a powerful randomization system.

You can randomize all descriptions and incoming anchored links and even set the customization level. This beat the crap out of those expensive social bookmarking submission services. The ability to add my own scuttle social bookmarking list is a bonus. Thanks for your great software again Edwin.



Honestly, I was planning to bundle a lot of junk ebooks, softwares and videos as bonuses for you...but I don't see any value in having lots of junk bonuses which does not help you in any way.

Rather, I have decided to create ONLY one Quality Guide for you to further assist you in your campaign to make money online. Here is my brand new Social Bookmarking Strategy Guide ...


Bmd Ultimate Guide

(value: $97)

In this quality ebook, you will learn:

- Step by step guide on how to use BookmarkingDemon in both Beginner and Expert modes.

- Social bookmarking strategies.

- My Linking Secret: Learn how I build my ultimate linking network that helped me dominate most of the longtail keywords in the search engines.

Grab a copy of BookmarkingDemon today and you get instant download to my special edition of BMD Ultimate Guide for free! Limited copies available!


With My Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee,
You??ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose!

I am so sure that you will love BookmarkingDemon and my bonus BMD Ultimate Guide ?V that I am offering an unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with BookmarkingDemon, simply notify me during the first 60 days of your purchase and I will refund your money in full, with absolutely no questions asked!
You also get to keep the bonus!

That??s right, you have 60 days to test drive my BookmarkingDemon. This makes it absolutely risk-free to try it out! Get it now!



"Earn More Adsense Money, Affiliate Commissions And Sell More Products Today!"


Let's look at the result I got after using this social bookmarking tool.

Benefits Of BookmarkingDemon
More Adsense Clicks

As I consistently bookmarked my Adsense sites, I saw a growth in the number of Adsense clicks! The traffic you are getting is laser-targeted. As you get more backlinks to your websites, your get better ranking in the search engines. You will get more organic search traffic.


More Affiliate Commissions

I made more commissions as an affiliate for clickbank, shareasale and other programs. I wrote dozens of landing pages, review pages and presale page as an affiliate. I bookmarked every page and was able to send ultra targeted traffic to those pages!


Sold More Of My Own Products

This is something similar to selling affiliate products. You can bookmark your landing page and start directing interested visitors to view and buy your products.


More Time To Focus On My Business

As they say, time is money. I used to spend hours bookmarking my webpages manually. It was tiring and time wasting. Now with Bookmarkingdemon, I can focus my time more towards business management.


The following are random screenshots of some of my niche sites. I only used BookmarkingDemon once for each site:







As you can see, I'm not showing you screenshots of sites with 2000 uniques a day. It is up to the 'gurus' to show you.

What I have shown you are results from simple affiliate sites (using free product feeds) that anyone can achieve with little effort. All my traffic comes from highly targeted buying keywords.

You can easily make more money when you bookmark regularly, add new unique contents and mix social bookmarking with other linking strategies.

Stop wasting your time submitting your bookmarks manually. Get a copy of BookmarkingDemon today.



"More Time To Focus On Other Areas Of My Business!"

  Wanted to leave some feedback for you. I'm so happy to report that the BMD4 works GREAT on vista. I gave it a test run today and played with each of the options that are currently available for it, and I'm loving it!

I admit I was worried, since BMD3 didn't

run on my computer. But I'm very, very happy I waited for BMD4 to come out! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a great product! This is going to make social seo go much faster and give me more time to work on other factors, like article writing (which I hate, lol). Thanks again!



"BookmarkingDemon Just Keeps
Getting Better!"

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product and your work for improving the software.

Maria Johnsen - maria-johnsen.com


"Well Thought-Out,
Well Organized and Intuitive!"

Hello - I just purchased, installed and ran your software. It worked without a hitch.

The automatic account creation in itself saved a whole lot of time!! Your program is well thought-out, well organized and intuitive!

Anyone with a little SEO common sense should be able to randomize their posts enough to carry out a successful linking/PR/Fresh-Content campaign.

Randy - companyinc.net


"Save Me Hours Of Time Bookmarking!"

What a great idea and what a great piece of software BMD is. The amount of time that it saves me is incredible and the effectiveness of the system has proven itself time and time again.

The support that edwin offers is first class and he has answered all of my questions within a very short period of time. BMD4 is a huge step up from BMD 3 and has taken many user suggestions on board in its development. Well done Edwin.

Col Simpson


"Instant Traffic To Blog Posts Within The Next Few Hours!"


Here is proof that this software is the best of it??s kind!
I have a new skincare blog which I just set up in June and used Bookmarking Demon on one of the posts I made during July.





YES EDWIN! - I Want To Get My Hands On

I Am Ready To Start Driving Huge Amounts of Laser-Targeted Traffic To My Sites Automatically.

There Is No Monthly Fee And I Will Get Free Unlimited Updates Every Month.

BONUS: I Will Get Instant Download To
BMD Ultimate Guide.

I Understand That I Have A 60 Days Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I Agreed That At $147, This Is A "No-Brainer" Offer.

To Sum Up, Give Me Access To This Insanely Low One-Time Investment Of Only $197 $147 Before You Raise The Price !

Contact Support if you're getting payment errors.



  BMD4 System requirements:
    * 32/64bit OS *Windows XP/Window Vista *.Net Framework v2.0
*BMD4 is a portable .exe program that does not require any installation.



To your HUGE success,

Edwin Brian



P.S. With BookmarkingDemon, it has never been easier for you to bookmark your sites automatically and make more money! You can start increasing your Adsense income, affiliate commissions and sell more products today with our social bookmarking tool!

P.P.S. Remember, my special introductory offer of $147 will not last long. My software can easily be sold at the retail price of $197. I'm offering this $50 savings scheme for a very limited time only. You must hurry before I raise the price!.

P.P.P.S. Oh, I fogot to mention one important thing. If you get a copy today, you will have instant access to my BMD Ultimate Guide for free!

P.P.P.P.S. Don't forget, I offer a 100% No Questions Asked Full Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose, so own a copy of our social bookmarking software today!


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